Feeding the (Young) World

John Lennon once said something like ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans’. My WordPress renewal subscription metaphorically hit the doormat earlier this month and reminded me I had a blog. Time to reassess what I did with it given that it’s hardly been compulsive to write it!

So now will be some additions and offshoots to the previous themes and content. As always focussing on what matter to me. Food – and drink – being an everyday joy. As is making sure that money gets spent in the right places. Along with a wish to leave the world a better place than I found it. And an opportunity to indulge in another occasional interest in food photography. Etc etc.

Mix all this thoroughly together and here are the beginnings of a series of writings on cooking. Practical, hands-on stuff.

One catalyst has been the current TV series ‘Eat Well For Less’. New viewers  start here. I’ve not watched too many of the programmes but the recurrent themes are that people spend humungous amounts of cash on really quite mediocre food in the name of ‘convenience’ and also lack confidence and basic knowledge on how to get the most from their food. It was also sad to see occasions when individual diets and preferences resulted in stress and a kind of ‘food apartheid’ of different meals prepared and consumed separately. As well as nourishing,  food is supposed to bring people together.

Before I’m accused of being holier than thou, I have made many of these mistakes too. And the result is two of my three girls now living away with a fairly superficial and disjointed knowledge of food and how to buy and prepare it in interesting ways – along the way becoming a confident, curious and competent cook. So, even though I doubt they’ll be tuning in, I thought I’d pitch in with some help. I hope they do though.. it’s nice to give something back. And passing on cooking skills is very much along the lines of the old saying of ‘give a man a fish and feed him for a day…’. Giving people life skills is perhaps the most satisfying thing of all.

This is going to build slowly, so bear with. The timing might be good. September is traditionally a time when young people leave home and learn to fend for themselves. So there will be a mix of cooking suggestions and how to find and serve tasty, but relatively  inexpensive  food. I think I might also occasionally veer off into drink too. Why not?

Lastly some caveats. I am not a dietician nor do I have any professional qualifications in cooking or baking. Neither do I have any particular dietary  needs or preferences. If you do, all my comments need to be taken with a pinch of salt – unless you are trying to avoid that too. All my experience has been gained from day in/day out cooking both for myself and others. I have worked in the food industry for many years and this gives me a certain perspective on what, where and how I buy.

I’ve also been incredibly lucky in my job to meet some amazing cooks, chefs and food technologists and eat at some great places. Some of this skill might have rubbed off. I won’t name names and I am not going to filch any recipes created by others – those shown will be entirely my own – although I’ll point you towards some good sources.

So, that’s the way it goes. Now on to some proper content.