Marketing Kindling

Right, I’ve started a blog. What now? The first post… along with all the usual writer’s block traits of sweaty palms, blank pieces of paper, screwed up pieces of the paper in the bin (or nearby). You get the picture. So, how about a ‘raison d’etre’?

I’ve been marketing (‘big ‘M’ or small ‘m’?) a long time. Twenty years or so in fact. What have I learned? What is worth passing on? Well firstly, not all of this will be about Marketing. Because Marketing does not exist in its own right. It is epicentral to any successful business but only if connected to all the other functions.

Also, I have a bent for lifelong learning. There’s a lot of advice and instruction around. Some of it sticks and it’s good to share it.

So, what you’ll hopefully find in here – in no particular order – will be my thoughts and discoveries on:

  • People and people development
  • Brands
  • Marcomms
  • Retailing
  • Things I’ve read that I want to share
  • Things I’ve experienced that I want to share
  • General Management
  • Business
  • Random stuff
  • Maybe the odd bonfire – because bad marketing is everywhere and the Emperor’s New Clothes sometimes need burning.

The main thing I want to achieve is some thought and debate. Don’t swallow any of this stuff for what it is. Your thoughts might be – probably will be – better. Certainly different. This isn’t an ego trip. I want to improve. And you’re going to help me with some interaction and warm debate. I hope.

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