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Mark Bosworth – Director

‘…when you can’t do it all on your own’

When you have a business to run, there is always a challenge. It can be a small-ish wall, or something of a chasm you need to overcome to get to the next point in your development. We offer two streams of service:

  • Interim or project-based resource to help push something over the line – utilising my significant and varied commercial, marketing and business knowledge and expertise. Under this scenario, we’re immersed in your business and delivering what’s required.
  • Consultancy, advisory or training-related services. Running a business can be a lonely place. You may know what is wrong, or simply sense it. You may be aware that the business is not properly in gear or needs specific, detached and impartial input to provide clarity of purpose or simply an external perspective. Businesses also grow and mature. Processes, people and culture may need tweaking or fundamentally realigning.

We can provide this help. It might take a couple of hours, or a day. It might mean doing it in bite-sized chunks. Or it might be an end-to-end project. What Bonfire provides is:

  • An initial diagnostic ‘checklist’ to quickly understand and agree what matters or is lacking in your business, be it in terms of vision, purpose, strategy or execution. The approach is jargon-free and doesn’t presume to have all the answers. But it does have the knowledge, experience and creativity to stimulate impetus and action – and make a difference.
  • A ‘one stop shop’ that can look at your operation from both the helicopter or from the thick of the battle and begin to filter out and distil what really matters. And then either set ourselves to help, or link you up with someone who can.
  • All with confidentiality and discretion…of course!

Correctly applied, Marketing tools and techniques help you to define your business purpose, pinpoint what makes you different or better, and then provide the collateral to help you communicate these internally and externally whilst keeping progress under regular review.

Businesses go through phases: start-up, consolidation, maturity and re-invention. If you are almost past the ‘coffee table management’ phase, you need to be thinking about effective delegation and accountability: installing order, rigour and effective processes. By now, you may also be selling to larger, more ‘corporate’ customers who demand more and better. You are looking to develop more effective and empowered teams who can get on with it while you work out what happens next, whether it be innovating or expanding your sales reach. Or maybe you’re wondering why you’re not making the profits you’d hoped for. And are your team pulling with you – or are they part of the problem?

Good marketers understand the business from end to end. You can’t sell something you can’t make. You can’t sell something that nobody wants. You can’t retain or acquire customers if they don’t like you, trust you or believe you. You can’t stay in business if you’re ‘giving away’ your products. And you can’t sell if no one know who you are or how to find you.

Great inventors and technicians often feel less comfortable doing the Sales and Marketing. But without this, how are you going to operate? We can provide this missing link.

The world is shrinking and even small businesses can now readily access overseas markets. How do you assess your prospects? Can you sell the product in other territories ‘as is’ or are there hoops to jump through first? What do you chase down first? And how do you build awareness and demand in a territory that has never heard of you?

Eventually you will work this out for yourself. But time is precious and what we provide is a checklist approach towards getting the correct issues identified and tackled so that effective action follows sooner rather than later.

You’ll see from the other resources on this site lots more about our skills along with some examples.

One other thing we offer is a sounding board. Very few leaders have an unshakeable belief in their abilities or the quality of their plan. And sometimes you just need reassurance or a detached view, discreetly and confidentially given. We understand the isolation that sometimes takes hold and can help here too.

In short, we will provide you with the external help to align all these issues, with clarity, without jargon and provided in a way that makes the solution yours – and only yours – when you can’t quite do it all on your own.

Contact me  mark@bonfiremarketer.com  or 07742 110018 to find out more.

Why bonfiremarketer? 

There’s sometimes an unneasiness about owning up to being a marketer.  There was a time – perhaps still is – when Marketing was seen as necessary but also unaccountable in terms of return on investment. Unfortunately that can be down to marketers themselves, deliberately complicating and smothering everything in jargon or ‘buzzwords’.

Fortunately that’s changing fast and our mission is to put all the marketing mystique  on the proverbial bonfire and return to simplicity and clarity.

Marketing is at least 90% common sense. The principles are very simple, and companies succeed by identifying and then giving people what they want. And if you think you are in control of your ‘message’, you have been asleep at the wheel since the turn of the Millennium. We’ve long since had that wheel snatched from our hands and we are being driven by our customers. There is no hiding place and it also brings all other business functions into the marketing environment.

If it’s wrong it’s a marketing issue. Same if it’s late, same if your staff are rude, lazy, inept, or otherwise demotivated. Everyone is in it together, but it’s your job to align custom and practice to what’s needed today, and lead in delivering it to your customers. A big ask! – but we’re here to help.

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